The End of May

So, now we’re at the end of another month.  Have I accomplished anything worth posting about?

Hard to say.  I mean, obviously there’s nothing in this post, but I’ve been quite busy animating, so next month might have something worth reading.  Maybe.

See you then.


April almost gone? What?

Wow, we’re almost at the end of April.  And what have I been up to?

Well, nothing much.  Trying to survive.

Anyway, I completed a video project.  Here’s the link:

Hope you enjoy that; sorry if the preview image is a spoiler, but I’m new to this YouTube stuff.  Let me know if you don’t enjoy it and I’ll try harder.

And here’s something that might possible come to something, should fate be kind.  It’s just a preliminary image at this point…I don’t even have any actors for this!

(The red box is my “bounding box”, where things enter and exit the stage.  So I can herd my actors accordingly.)

So that’s the state of things.  As always, thanks for visiting, have fun, tip your waitress and I’ll see you all shortly…ish.

Works in Progress

I’ve spent most of March quite ill, with a persistent cold that would not go away.  Now, it seems to have largely departed, leaving aside some splitting headaches from what I assume is a sinus infection.

Anyway, I’ve not been idle, except for the past few days when the cold has laid me low.  Here are some stills from some upcoming animation projects.  (“Upcoming” being a very relative term.)

The first two are connected, the last is one I started because working on the first two was becoming difficult.

Anyway, thanks as always for stopping by, and I’ll see you in April.

Whoops! February Post

Wow, I almost let February go by without a post!  What a tragedy that would have been, and that’s no lie.

(Forgive the tone, I’ve been watching a lot of the old 80’s Ed Grimley cartoon*, and after a while it seeps into  your blood.  It’s like watching Betty Boop cartoons–watch more than five or six, and you start moving that way–you can’t just get up from a chair, you’ve got to syncopate yourself out of it.  It’s the same with Ed, but with talking more than moving, which probably affects posting rather more than Betty, I must say.)

Anyway, I’ve been busy with stuff–finally posted “Part Two” of my animation project and have been working on “Part Three” (somewhat) diligently since then, with some extremely decent results, just hoping to finish before…you know.

No painting, at least so far.  Tinnitus still is an issue, but then, it would be, wouldn’t it?

And I suppose that will suffice as a totally decent entry for the month–oh, and if that’s not an excuse we won’t be hearing again.  Because we totally will.

Thanks for visiting, as always.  See you in the future, which is already in progress!

*It was the 80’s.  Everything was being made into a cartoon.

And January

So, it’s a new year, and, well, I guess it has been for a couple of weeks now.  And what is there to show for it?

Well, this, from several years ago —

–bad photograph and all, has been transformed into this–

–and I think it’s been immeasurably improved, and now goes onto the wall as “finished.”  The straight, horizontal lines, suggesting walls, really made this one come together.  And the background “figure” gives it a good sense of a series of beings proceeding forward, if beings they are.  (Confession:  I used PhotoShop to take out the worst of the camera flash reflections, but this is still really close to what it actually looks like.)

Still it’s nothing that anyone, anywhere, is going to want to hang on a wall, but I like it, and I think it accompanies this one–

–very well indeed, like the front and back covers of a fairly good pulp novel.  Or even better, a series of pulp novels.

Now that would be something.  Any pulp novelists out there want to work out a deal?  Or have pulp novelists slithered away into the woodwork once the 1930’s became the 1940’s?  A question for the pulpologists out there.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Christmas 2017

Let me confess–since I’ve been working on an hourly basis (several years, now), the holidays are even more depressing than they normally are.  Aside from the obvious, for hourly folks, a “holiday” means “No.  You can’t can’t earn money today–it’s a holiday.  So, no, you can’t pay your bills–not enough earned hours.”  No, no paid holidays for you.  As you might imagine, that tends to color certain events–

Anyway, here’s a present, made for a friend this season.  Since I have no money, it’s a painting.  Fall foliage as seen on a morning when the fog is just now dissipating.  And if you like it, happy holidays to you, too.

See you again in a few weeks, and as always. thanks for stopping by.

Paintblog November 2017

Greetings all, I hope the holidays are finding you well.

So, the last project kind of stalled, so here’s something new.  Unexpectedly, I didn’t document the very beginnings of this piece, but we’ll pick it up as we go along.

What I did was take an old canvas that was never going to work, and covered it with (I thought) raw umber–what I use for black.  I may have used burnt umber instead, as it looks pretty brown.  I painted a couple of shapes at the bottom and top, using titanium white.  Here’s the earliest shot I have.

As you can see, I then did a bunch of detail work in the lower shape, again using raw umber.

The shape at the top of the painting suggested a crashing wave, so I worked toward that goal.

Added some detail work to that–

I then wondered if these two areas could be connected by the middle.  Something suggested the water beneath the crashing waves, blending into what would become the “sea floor” in the bottom window.  So I set to work with that.

Then, using raw umber, I built up into the green so that the two would blend.  Added some yellow to the green for highlighting at the top, some vague white shapes in the bottom, and a middle streak of black.  I tend not to use black–it stands out too much from the rest of the palatte–but it seemed to work here.  Though you’ll note in the next picture that it doesn’t photograph very well.

And that’s where it stands as of today.  It has actually gone pretty quickly–the above has mostly been done in the last couple of weeks, with pauses to allow for drying time.

As always, thank you for stopping by.