Update and Ephemera

My regular readers (Hi, Mom!) will note the addition to my link list over on the right, “Killing in the Name of…” You’ll also note I wussed out and added “(Fiction)” to the title, as I didn’t want to give the wrong impression. There’s been rather too much killing in the name of [insert word here] in the real world for me to be comfortable with that, but that’s just me. (I will probably change that to reflect the title of the author’s principle blog, when I get a chance to visit the nearly half-dozen blogs listed under her name.)

Anyway, the entries at “Killing” are fictional extracts from what seems to be a larger framework, a story about demons or vampires or some rather nastily efficient killers. I’m not sure if she’s writing these as they come to her, or if there’s a greater plan at work, but the writing so far is excellent. It’s very vivid, evocative and descriptive and moves quickly. While the language contains nothing objectionable, it’s definitely not for the squeamish. While I’d love to read the finished work, this isn’t a genre I tend to seek out myself. Still, it’s good work so far.

I found this site the way I’ve found most of the blogs I enjoy reading, by clicking the “Next Blog” up at the top of the page. It’s always fun to see what other people have to say, usually. Blogs I tend to not bother with are:

  1. those not written in English. I’m not prejudiced, but as you can see my command of English is bad enough. I have no facility at all with foreign languages. This, by the way, includes blogs where the language is ostensibly English, but the sentences tend to be “Wld u b mine? OMG, 4ever 2 th max!” and the like. My decoder ring ran out of battery power years ago and they’re impossible to get nowadays.
  2. Blogs which have removed the “Next Blog” button. This is flat-out irritating. Why would someone do that? Am I supposed to be so enchanted by what I’m about to find that I will never visit another site, ever? Don’t do this.
  3. Blogs which play music. Is so newbie. I tend to have things plugged into my headphone jack anyway, but really, you know, I might already be listening to music and this interferes in a non-good way.
  4. Blogs which don’t allow comments. I like leaving comments on sites I find interesting or well-done; it seems to me that comments are part of the overall blog experience. But that’s just me.

Actually, I can understand not wanting to bother with comments. In the last couple of days, I’ve gotten eight [sorry–ELEVEN], all in a row, and all spam. This is pretty disenheartening, except when it’s not. A number of these “comments” came about on a post I’d done detailing my deteriorating mental state, and they were all cancer-related. Oh great, another thing to brood upon! Thanks in advance!

If this continues, I may have to implement that “Word Validation” feature I’ve seen here and there. I’m not crazy about this, as it adds a layer of difficulty for anyone who wants to say anything (any real people, I mean). I tend to find it an irritant myself, since I generally just want to say things like, “Very well written” or “That’s interesting” or something else not utterly vital, but still communicative.

We’ll have to see how that works.

In the meantime, I think I’ve finished the painting that has been consuming a great deal of my…well, whatever it is I’ve got left to consume. I want to let it gel for a day or so, but I’ll be sure to post when I’m certain about this.

PS: You know what’s funny? I’ve been using the Blogger for Word plug-in, and you’d think they’d update the dictionary so “blog” wouldn’t be flagged as a misspelled word. You’d be wrong, though.

“I’m Bender, baby, PLEASE insert liquor!”

Other than spam, one of the things that most defines the modern on-line experience is the ubiquitous quiz. You know the kind. “What Kind of Lover Are You?” “What Kind of Idiot Do We Take You For?” and the ever popular “What Kind of Quiz Do You Like Taking?” You answer a set of loaded questions and, amazingly enough, you get a result at the end.

We’ve all seen them, we’ve probably all taken them, sometimes we post the results. Here’s one of my results.

What Futurama Character are you?

Bender Bending Rodriquez

You smoke, drink and steal a lot. You are rude to everyone you meet. However you do have a soft spot for the people close to you.

Personality Test Results

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All right! Bite my shiney metal ass, losers!

Actually, I don’t smoke, and I don’t steal. Except ideas. And since I tend to go out of my way to attribute those, I guess that doesn’t count either. But I definitely make it up via drinking.

And I am pretty rude to everyone. Well, mentally, anyway. I’m rather surprised I didn’t end up as Zoidberg, but you know, you have to have sunshine now and then or the gloom doesn’t seem special anymore.

Darth Vader Speaks

Actually, Darth Vader blogs. Did you know he had a blog? He did, and it’s right here:

The Darth Side

And the really neat thing is, it’s excellent. It’s writing of a very high quality, the likes of which the actual movies have never dared approach. Alternately funny and thought-provoking, I’d be astonished if anyone officially connected had anything to do with it. In fact, given the decline of the movies, I wouldn’t believe it.

It’s fun, insightful and definitely worth reading, especially now that the film series has drawn to a close.

Via Brian Tiemann

Spam Cartoon Humor

We all get spam. I generally delete it without reading it (ever since I found out that the fiction I was getting was an L. Frank Baum story), but not without noting the idiotic subject lines that the senders think are going to entice me. What were they thinking? I ask myself.

Well, I still don’t know what they were thinking, but Stephen Frank has some ideas. He’s taken spam subject lines and interpreted them into cartoons.

These are extremely clever, and I laughed til breathing became perilous. Despite the author’s note that they are “poorly drawn” I think they capture the moment perfectly.


UPDATE: I forgot to mention, this link comes from Brian Tiemann.

Where Cats’ Talents Lie

I’ve got cats. Well, they live in my house and eat food and make demands, so who’s got who is a matter of debate. While cats have many and varied talents, there is one thing of which they have achieved mastery. Those of you who live with cats will know of what I speak without me speaking of it. For the rest of you…a wide variety of cat photographic evidence can be found here.

Via Brian Tiemann.

The Book Nearest You

An exercise via Paul Denton, who in turn got it from a whole chain of sources, which finally slammed into a dead end.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don’t search around and look for the “coolest” book you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.

My result:

“Parkinson’s disease has some interesting links with depression–not only do many of my Parkinson’s patients have depression, but nearly all of them look depressed, because of their mask-like faces and slow movements.”

from The Midnight Disease, by Alice W. Flaherty, 2004.

Pass it on….