Paintblog May 2017 – Chapter 2

So, yeah, I did do some more physical paint brushing on the new canvas.  Still not feeling, really, the way someone truly inspired would paint…but you get what you get.

So, it’s kind of shaping into something.  Not sure what, but at this stage it’s too early to say.

Thanks for visiting as always.

See you soon!


Paintblog May 2017

It has been mentioned that I should paint more.

I don’t object to the suggestion…in fact, I find it quite endearing.  It’s nice to have fans.  (Thank you, Tammy al-Thor.)

The problem remains, though.  Painting without a direction most often results in work that has no…reason for being.  An exercise.  At least in the last century, when charlatans could profit from the ignorance of the age.  I’ve never been like that–I wanted my work to have meaning.  I wanted it to say something.

Still, with nothing to say, I was motivated enough to start something.  Apologies as always for the bad photography, my flash was out of batteries so I relied on the camera’s built-in flash.  Here are the paint blobs on a new canvas.


Here’s everything after preliminary smearing around.

I can see bits of things here, but the paint calls to be further spread.

And now, the spreading has finished.

Well, that’s kind of okay.  Looks nice.

And here we are at the latest incarnation.  Just to reiterate, there is no big white wash in the upper center.  That’s the camera flash reflecting off the wet oil.  So, you’re really not seeing anything here.  Damn, it’s just like a Marvel movie!

Where will this go?


Maybe we’ll know when tomorrow happens.

See you then.




Work in Progress – April

Yeah, it’s not much, it’s still early, and it’s awful.  And it’s a bad photograph too.  I’ve been working on and off (mostly off) on this for weeks, and progress is very slow.

Still, it’s something I guess.  I hope to get more motivated very soon, but then I always hope that happens.

See you sometime next month.

July 2016

So the summer continues and I continue to do very little.  Well, there’s this.

This is something I’ve been working on over the past couple of months or so.  It’s not finished but it’s getting close.

Another one no one’s going to want hanging in the living room….

See you soon, and thanks for coming by.

Paintblog March 2016

This used to be a stand-alone work that, quite frankly, didn’t work for me.

Seized with the urge to brush, and not stopped by the urge to preserve something that didn’t work, I did the above.

Who knows where it might go?  Well, it compelled itself to be posted, so there’s that.  Other than that, I wouldn’t take any wagers.

With any luck, we’ll all be here to see how this goes.  Or I might post puppy videos!  In the meantime, thanks for visiting!

Paintblog October – Works in Progress

I’ve been working on several canvases, and have been documenting their steps, but I thought I’d cut to the chase and show four of them as they are now.  I haven’t worked on them for the past week or so, so I don’t know how (or if) they’ll go forward.

I like the one below just as it is…I really can’t think of anything to do with it, and I find it restful and evocative on its own.

The next one I did while watching a movie called “Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.”  It has nothing to do with the film (which I enjoyed quite a bit).  There are a lot of paint strokes visible in the photo (from the flash bouncing), which I couldn’t eliminate very well.

The one below had probably the least amount of work done on it.  It was originally another canvas, which I (mostly) covered over with red and white.  After that was just a bit of shaping.

Finally, we have this below.  This was worked on between working on the other images, and is the last that I’ve done any work on.  Lots of this was made while watching the Luc Besson film “Lucy” which I also enjoyed.

So there you have it, the state of things on the eve of Columbus Day.  Thanks as always for visiting.

Paintblog, September 2015 – 2

Not much of any real development going on, just some detailing, but I thought I’d post anyway so I don’t fall out of the habit.


In all cases, the dark areas in mid-right are somewhat darker in real life than they appear here.  Oh well, still trying to find the perfect angle for the camera’s new flash.

Thanks for visiting!