Whoops! February Post

Wow, I almost let February go by without a post!  What a tragedy that would have been, and that’s no lie.

(Forgive the tone, I’ve been watching a lot of the old 80’s Ed Grimley cartoon*, and after a while it seeps into  your blood.  It’s like watching Betty Boop cartoons–watch more than five or six, and you start moving that way–you can’t just get up from a chair, you’ve got to syncopate yourself out of it.  It’s the same with Ed, but with talking more than moving, which probably affects posting rather more than Betty, I must say.)

Anyway, I’ve been busy with stuff–finally posted “Part Two” of my animation project and have been working on “Part Three” (somewhat) diligently since then, with some extremely decent results, just hoping to finish before…you know.

No painting, at least so far.  Tinnitus still is an issue, but then, it would be, wouldn’t it?

And I suppose that will suffice as a totally decent entry for the month–oh, and if that’s not an excuse we won’t be hearing again.  Because we totally will.

Thanks for visiting, as always.  See you in the future, which is already in progress!

*It was the 80’s.  Everything was being made into a cartoon.


The November Post

November has been an awful month for far too many folks, particularly those who live in Paris.  God be with them.

As for me, I lost a dear, dear friend earlier in the month, and that has taken its toll on me.  I’ve done no creative work; even what you see above was done months ago.  Alas, all thinking.

See you next month.


Well, it’s a new year. Lots of stuff happened last year, most of it rather unpleasant (at best). There were a couple of high points, but overall, it was a slow slide into what seems like a home stretch.

I grow less and less patient with the insistence of Facebook and Twitter. Yes, I’m on both of those, but they lost their luster for me some time ago. Whenever I sign on, I feel as if I’m walking into the local Mall, circa 1995.

So, I think in this new year of 2012, I’m going to return to the good old “blog” format. As a special bonus, I can pretty much say whatever I want to, since no one reads this anymore! Finally, a good use for that old devil, Time.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, dear imaginary reader (I remember you from when I was a kid!). I hope to make more regular entries during the new year, including (I hope) the return of the PaintBlog.

The Obligatory “I’m not quite dead” Post

It’s always pleasant to get a comment now and then on this blog. I felt that as I’d seemed pretty certain when I “shut it down” in Autumn of 2008 that most of the folks who read here would have seen the “Closed” sign and moved on. So when I “restarted” it not too long ago, I figured I’d somehow have to find a new audience.

Of course, blogging now is so…2004, isn’t it? What with Facebook and Twitter and all those sorts of things. Who blogs nowadays? I mean, I guess apart from myself, I hope.

Since the Great Event of nearly one year ago, it might be thought that I’d have more time for doing this. Well, time and space being what they are, all in relative dimension to one another, such a thought had a hard time getting a firm grip on the old keyboard. But I’m going to make an effort to provide more content here. Of what nature I cannot say; perhaps a drawing, some random thoughts, a bit of fiction (can’t seem to give that away) or perhaps one of my long-threatened essays.

Hope to see you around more often, and thank you as always for popping by.