Eclipse 2017

I realize the eclipse happened last week, but I’ve only just put my computer back together after the move.  So here are some shots of the eclipse as it happened.

All of them were shot through my Nikon D70 using a neutral density filter, except for those where the coverage was as close as it got to total.  For those I just used the camera as is.  As you can see, most of the images look like someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing messing around with MS Paint.



Have a Dalek Christmas

More PhotoShop stuff.  I’m one of those folks who get major-league depressed when Christmas rolls around, so when the PhotoShop group decided that December’s theme was Christmas, I thought, “Well, I’m not going to contribute to that.”

Then I thought again…

I like this one.  It really looks like someone who knows something about PhotoShop put it together.  That isn’t true, of course, but sometimes looks are all you’re after!

The three trees were, um, borrowed from the web, but everything else is my own work.  Happy Holidays to you and yours, and thanks for popping by.

Happy Halloween

Halloween was always a pretty cool holiday, and I hope you’re having a good one. The stores have purged all their ghosts and pumpkins and put up elves and snowmen, but you know, Halloween hasn’t gotten the respect it deserves in years.

Have a good one!