Late December, 2021

So here we are the end of another year. What’s happened this month?

Got a toothache which I thought would lead to another tooth pulled. Fortunately not, the oral surgeon had some different ideas which seem to be working.

Finished the animation project. Link is below.

I feel completely drained of any creative ideas. “The Path” took so damn long that it took all the ideas with it.

I’ve been messing around with Blender, and am kind of slightly getting to know my way around.

Other than that, a typical month. And we will see you next year.

Late November

Well, here it is again, the end of the month. This month has been a pretty productive one, as the animation project is finished (aside from a couple of sound bits and some timing fixing.) So there’s that.

On the bad side, my struggle with the bottle is in full flower. That’s not good, but I’m unsure how to fight it. I know I can, and I have, but it keeps coming back.

Anyway, it’s now officially the Christmas season, which typically depresses me. But I’ll try to be of good cheer.

Anyway, that’s it for now. See you next month.

Animation, April 2021

So, there’s a new animation from me, published on Saturday. And the good news is, it’s only 40 seconds long!

It’s nothing much, a mood more than anything else. But it was fun to do, and as always, a way to push my abilities further.

And here it is. Enjoy, and thanks for visiting.

Instruction 4

Well, I posted the 4th and final chapter of “Instruction” on Saturday, and I forgot to mention it here!

I think it’s because, overall, the story doesn’t really add up to anything. There are parts I like, scenes that I think really work, and some good designs. But taken as a whole, it doesn’t seem to be a single thing. It’s just a collection of parts that remain parts.

It’s also just over seven minutes long, so there’s that. That means that the whole story is almost 25 minutes long, which is too long for something that (to my mind) isn’t more than what it is. I know that last bit doesn’t make sense, but there it is.

Below is the link for the curious, and as always thanks for visiting.

Instruction – Part 4 – Conclusion.

Instruction 3

So, “Instruction” is taking longer than I thought. Actually, it’s taking about as much time as I should have realized, it’s just starting to sink in.

Anyway, I thought Part Three would be the ending, but it turns out it’s going to need a few more minutes which would push it (probably) over the ten-minute mark. I really don’t want to post a video that long; my own viewing habits, particularly for certain subjects like animation, make me reluctant to watch anything that long. Therefore posting anything that long would seem counter to my own view as a consumer.

Plus, the work has been pretty all-consuming and at a certain point, I just get sick of it and don’t want to touch it. Which would mean a delay of several weeks, and posting something so long I probably wouldn’t watch it myself.

So, Part Three adds some more stuff, but doesn’t yet wrap things up. That will be the job for Part Four. There’s a lot of Part Four already animated, it just isn’t done yet.

But in the meantime, here’s Part Three.

Thanks for visiting, as always, and I hope to see everyone really soon.

November 2020

Well, there’s November. A great deal of work has been done on the new project, with which I hope to conclude “Instruction.”

At least the visual part; I haven’t done anything with the sound.

Will it be presentable before the end of the year? I kind of doubt that, but occasionally I am surprised.

See you next month, and thanks for stopping by.

October 2020


Well, part three of “Instruction” continues to move along, though without a real strong framework…I’ve got scenes that could literally be placed anywhere. That’s not good, as far as I’m concerned–story points should be embedded in every scene so that they eventually add up.

But since this story is so nebulous, I guess I’m not surprised the story points are not evident. Oh well.

See you next month.


So, the final sound mix was completed and the project uploaded to YouTube.  I can’t believe it took over six months to do, but sometimes things…just run away, and you have to catch them and bring them back.

Here is the link.  Four minutes and change.  Thank you for watching (if you watch), and see you again soon.

May (and April)

So, it looks like I missed posting anything in April.  I guess I didn’t have a lot to say, what with things being shut down and all.

Not much happening in May, either.  I continue to work on upcoming projects, and, predictably, start to find the work tedious and wonder what else I can do.

Oh, well.  Here are some stills from an upcoming project.

It’s a fairly simple thing, no real story, just images, but of course it has to be stubborn and refuse any easy egress.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and we will see you in June!