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  1. 309 If you thought PhotoShop was a steep learning curve, and Flash was even steeper, let me introduce you to Autodesk Maya. There is no curve; you just try something and slide downwards into a pit of acid. And you die. It’s a lot like a really mean video game.

    Posted by: BeckoniningChasm at October 12, 2017 10:54 PM (l9m7l)

    — go GIMP. If you don’t like what something does, you have access to the source code. Propose your revision and see if it becomes popular.

      • Hanging in there…..I’d feel much better were I your neighbor. Silicon Valley is wildly overpriced and too much focused on surveillance. I moved here and prospered when they built nifty things. They don’t any more. Everything is apps and spyware.

        I see where you are as a source of innovation and optimism. Are you seeing increased economic activity?

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