The Autobiography Project

“Beckoning chasm” is my term for creativity–the urge to do creative work draws upon an imaginative mind, yet what lies beyond is unknown.  It calls to us but makes no promises and offers no certainty.

I enjoy reading biographies and memoirs, but writing them makes me absolutely uncomfortable.   I also dislike photographs of myself, and listening to my own voice.  When either is needed, I tend to obscure their nature as much as possible.

I honestly can’t think of anything to say about myself that would be interesting to you, or even to me.  I live in Western North Carolina and enjoy painting, writing, recording, thinking, reading and sleeping.  Animals almost always seem to like me.  I’ve used nearly every home computer operating system and they’ve all let me down.

I believe myself to be both deeply cynical and profoundly naive.

3 thoughts on “The Autobiography Project

  1. You rock, B! Love ALL of “this”- really cool writing, paintings, ideas…

    Well, now that piece of rhetoric I just wrote is pure garbage (but the sentiment is real). I’ll pretend to have an excuse and that is, I’m writing pre-coffee, and waiting to go to see my therapist…

    Keep up the FANTASTIC quest of the beckoning chasm…

  2. No matter how old I become, I have an endless capacity for disillusionment. My true love called me a cynic 40-odd years ago. Nah, cynicism is a brittle protective layer to keep the embarrassing hope hidden.

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