March 2023

Damn, that went fast. And…? Well, I did a bunch of drawings for another website (Hello, Sorial!). And I worked on some stuff for a project of my own, as well. Behold:

Work on the rest of it proceeds, but as always I have no idea when it will be finished. Not a bad bit of work for the month, I think.

And that’s it for March. Thank you for stopping by, and see you again soon, I hope!

3 thoughts on “March 2023

  1. 1. Thank you for the shout out. I appreciate it.
    2. I really like your art. Are these stills for a coming video? Or individual drawings.
    3. Art #1: Fantastic contrast between the rocky foreground, the red misty horizon, and the planet in the background.
    4. Is that our Earth and Moon? My imagination hopes it is not, but an alien world. It brings to mind, Larry Niven’s Known Space, and the asteroid miners, the belters. If you haven’t, check his early books out before he writes RingWorld. I never cared for RW, or it’s sequels. I had little interest in Louis Wu, but loved anything with Beowulf Scaeffer in the story. My favorite quote: “Looks like human circulatory fluid all over the walls.” But my favorite book is “World of Ptaav’s.” His collaborations with Jerry Pournelle’s Inferno, and “the Mote in God’s Eye” are spectacular.
    5. In your second piece of art, I want to follow that road and get inside that opening! Your Art stimulates my curiosity. I can’t help myself.
    You are very good with perspective and giving the appearance of 3D.
    6. I thank you for the Time Mop covers. Everyone on the site enjoys them. The difference between your covers and TB’s, is that you have laid the groundwork that a story could actually follow. A story that someone would want to read.
    7. Have a great weekend, my friend!

    • Thank you! Yes, the planets are the earth (a stock photo) and the moon (my own photo). But that might change. It’s all fluid at this point. I’m doing a trailer which also might have elements that will change before the final product gets completed. And I love “World of Ptaavs.” I love the idea of a telepath so powerful that he can imprint his entire mind onto a weaker telepath. (Um, spoiler alert.) But I like a lot of Larry Niven’s stuff. I downloaded “The Mote in God’s Eye” but haven’t read it, but Lucifer’s Hammer and Footfall are terrific. Thanks again!

      • You are in for a real treat with “The Mote in God’s Eye.”
        I hope you enjoyed the April Fool’s joke on SOSF? I know I did.
        Great weekend, sir!

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