End of the Year Wrap Up

Well, only a few days left in 2022. Like many recent years, I’m not sorry to see it go, but I dread its oncoming brother.

As for this year, well, I did a couple of animations despite not really having good ideas. Learned a bit more about the tools I use. Signed up for the Adobe PS plan, which I’ve kind of regretted (Adobe CC is a lot more difficult to use, while trying to be “helpful”). Started playing with VST plugins, and bought copies of Tracktion and Reaper, since Acid Pro seems to be heading out toward retirement. (If you want to kill a piece of software, get Magix to buy it.)

My faithful car decided it was tired of being faithful, so now I have a new car payment. Oh boy.

And I adopted a cat. You can see both the car (left) and the cat (center) below.

So that’s it for this year. Thanks for visiting, and we’ll see you next year.