November 2022

So, not a lot to show for this month. Still working here and there on various projects, but not with a lot of drive or enthusiasm.

Oh well, that’s why there’s a whole new month starting tomorrow.

See you next month and thanks for stopping by. Here’s a cat.

3 thoughts on “November 2022

  1. Wow! That cat would motivate me to animate.
    Such a beauty.
    Maybe the joy of Funky Winkerbean ending will bring out a Christmas video from you.
    How is the car holding up? If I remember correctly, weren’t you changing cars?
    Peace to you.
    Light and Life.
    You are a blessing to me.

    • Thank you for your kind words, I truly appreciate them. And Robert loves your compliment. As for inspiration, I’ve learned through experience that it cannot be forced. It will make itself manifest, or it will not. Forcing it just makes garbage, as FW proves. And the car is fine, only its audio system drives me crazy. Ha ha, “drives me crazy”!

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