The title for this just kind of struck me, and I like it: it doesn’t imply a direction or a course of action, it just means that one set of knowledge was given out from A to B. But who is A, and who is B? That’s for someone else to decide.

This was a project that came about from desperation–I’d finished and posted “The Path” and there were no ideas that jumped out at me. I was genuinely in a panic state; had I exhausted all that I thought I had to say?

But this one poked out, I thought, “Why not?” and I basically enjoyed working on it. The third act revelation (if that’s what it is) came to me one night when I was just falling asleep. I immediately thought, “That is a stupid idea, don’t do it,” but I did anyway…which probably says more than I intend.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy, and thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on ““Imparting”

  1. I watched both “Imparting” and “the Path.” Both videos had a ‘beckoning chasm’ particularly Imparting. Watching it, I feel that none of the planetary inhabitants knew their fate by welcoming the sky alien. I enjoyed the hesitancy of the next person in line. Your depiction of the inhabitants made me think of C. S. Lewis and his book, “Till We Have Faces.”
    As for the Path, I wanted a series of videos investigating this detailed world. What a wondrous history it promises.
    I trust you are enjoying your promotion, and your new car. I am glad God protected you during the failed brakes.
    Light and Life

    • Thank you! I strive to keep my work open-ended, so that viewers can bring their own interpretation in. I want to supply the images, and let the viewers make of them what they will. It’s more interesting that way. I’m glad you liked them…I do hope to revisit the “Path” world but who knows when that will happen.

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