April 2022

Well, work proceeds apace on two projects, both short little nothing-much’s, but at least it’s work.

Speaking of work, I got a promotion at (paid) work. Should mean more money and perhaps responsibilities, which is great.

So to balance this news, naturally, my brakes semi-fail on the way home. Managed to get home without killing myself or anyone else, but it was scary.

Another day just like all the rest.

Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “April 2022

  1. Today is May 6. I follow Son of Stuck Funky. I know you have posted on there. Are you also a blogger as is ComicBook Harriet? But today, I was looking at SOSF posted in February and saw your post. I realized I hadn’t seen you on SOSF in a while. I always enjoyed your comments. Your February comment liked me to here. I watched “the Path”. Freaky good! I hope you are doing well.

    • Hi, thanks for popping by! This blog posts a lot less regularly than SoSf, but welcome aboard. As for SoSF, I just got sick of Batiuk’s proudly held anti-talent. I don’t really read any of his stuff anymore, and honestly don’t miss it.

      • I quite understand. I only read it because I enjoy the snark. Some of the posters also share their personal side. It makes me care about them. It is sad that Mr. Batiuk does so little with his remaining time.
        Just finished watching Hence on YouTube. He let the little guys go.
        I enjoy your work. I hope God continues to bless you.

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