Herons in Flight

Three separate birds on three different occasions.

Second heron, the time being very close to sunset.

Third heron, on an overcast day.

They really are a wonderful sight. Thanks for visiting.

Instruction 4

Well, I posted the 4th and final chapter of “Instruction” on Saturday, and I forgot to mention it here!

I think it’s because, overall, the story doesn’t really add up to anything. There are parts I like, scenes that I think really work, and some good designs. But taken as a whole, it doesn’t seem to be a single thing. It’s just a collection of parts that remain parts.

It’s also just over seven minutes long, so there’s that. That means that the whole story is almost 25 minutes long, which is too long for something that (to my mind) isn’t more than what it is. I know that last bit doesn’t make sense, but there it is.

Below is the link for the curious, and as always thanks for visiting.

Instruction – Part 4 – Conclusion.