Instruction 3

So, “Instruction” is taking longer than I thought. Actually, it’s taking about as much time as I should have realized, it’s just starting to sink in.

Anyway, I thought Part Three would be the ending, but it turns out it’s going to need a few more minutes which would push it (probably) over the ten-minute mark. I really don’t want to post a video that long; my own viewing habits, particularly for certain subjects like animation, make me reluctant to watch anything that long. Therefore posting anything that long would seem counter to my own view as a consumer.

Plus, the work has been pretty all-consuming and at a certain point, I just get sick of it and don’t want to touch it. Which would mean a delay of several weeks, and posting something so long I probably wouldn’t watch it myself.

So, Part Three adds some more stuff, but doesn’t yet wrap things up. That will be the job for Part Four. There’s a lot of Part Four already animated, it just isn’t done yet.

But in the meantime, here’s Part Three.

Thanks for visiting, as always, and I hope to see everyone really soon.