Works in Progress

I’ve spent most of March quite ill, with a persistent cold that would not go away.  Now, it seems to have largely departed, leaving aside some splitting headaches from what I assume is a sinus infection.

Anyway, I’ve not been idle, except for the past few days when the cold has laid me low.  Here are some stills from some upcoming animation projects.  (“Upcoming” being a very relative term.)

The first two are connected, the last is one I started because working on the first two was becoming difficult.

Anyway, thanks as always for stopping by, and I’ll see you in April.

One thought on “Works in Progress

  1. Always does my heart good to see you creating! I’ve had that same cold, and find that hot cups of tea ( not my usual thing at all) have been very comforting.

    I always look forward to these updates, please keep them coming!

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