And January

So, it’s a new year, and, well, I guess it has been for a couple of weeks now.  And what is there to show for it?

Well, this, from several years ago —

–bad photograph and all, has been transformed into this–

–and I think it’s been immeasurably improved, and now goes onto the wall as “finished.”  The straight, horizontal lines, suggesting walls, really made this one come together.  And the background “figure” gives it a good sense of a series of beings proceeding forward, if beings they are.  (Confession:  I used PhotoShop to take out the worst of the camera flash reflections, but this is still really close to what it actually looks like.)

Still it’s nothing that anyone, anywhere, is going to want to hang on a wall, but I like it, and I think it accompanies this one–

–very well indeed, like the front and back covers of a fairly good pulp novel.  Or even better, a series of pulp novels.

Now that would be something.  Any pulp novelists out there want to work out a deal?  Or have pulp novelists slithered away into the woodwork once the 1930’s became the 1940’s?  A question for the pulpologists out there.

As always, thanks for stopping by.