PaintBlog 2017 Yeah Right

Remember this?  It’s from 2014 so that’s a stretch.

Really bad photo, but no matter!  There’s another really bad photo to follow.

I liked this image, but it always nagged at me as being incomplete.  Yeah, yeah, some folks might like it because it’s calm and soothing, but there was always–for me–something not quite there.

I suspect it’s because I always want images to hint at a story.  Something more than the image itself, something that projects beyond what’s actually on the canvas.  And this one just…sat there pleasantly.

You’ll note the flash highlights in the middle right…well, that’s because I’ve recently moved and I have no idea where I packed the Really Good Flash, so I’m having to use the Built-In Flash.

Other than that, I like the direction, and there is more to come.

Thank you as always for visiting.  See you soon.

3 thoughts on “PaintBlog 2017 Yeah Right

  1. I love this. Looking deep into the space below the surface of water is one of my favorite things, and one of the most difficult to capture. My husband was an artist and left many unfinished works behind. He planned to revisit them with new techniques he learned, but alas, his time ran out. Creativity is God within us.

      • You know me as Miley from the HQ. Hubby’s website is, if you’d like to see some of his stuff. He wrote music, too.

        We never know how much time we have in this lifetime, so it’s nice to leave something behind for others to contemplate, something that reveals a part of oneself.

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