Paintblog, September 2015

Well, been a while since I’ve had one of these, huh.  Mainly because I lost my taste for painting, concentrating on PhotoShop and things like that.  Also, I admit I was a bit snotty to a commentor, and I apologize for my lack of maturity.  I’ll try to hold myself to a higher standard.

Anyway, working on a recent PhotoShop project inspired me to put brush to canvas again.  I started with an old canvas which, after I’d put paint on it, fell on the floor.  I swore and threw it in the trash.  So much for maturity, eh?

Anyway, started with a new canvas, and put some green paint on it.

In PhotoShop I pushed the “green” pretty high as you can see, because the original image just looked like black paint.  Anyway, I swirled that around until it covered the canvas, then added some yellow to the wet paint.  The image below is much lighter than it is in real life, because otherwise nothing was really visible.

Added more yellow and some more green fairly randomly.  Again, lighter than it really is to show detail.

Next, I started to shape what I found.  The image below is very close to what the actual canvas looks like.

And finally, added some white (along with yellow and green) to give some detail to what I’d shaped.  Mostly on the left hand side, as you can see.  This is very close to the real painting, though the strokes in the dark area are not as apparent in the actual canvas as they are below.

So that’s it so far.  Not sure where it will go from here (or even if it will go) but I’m starting to see some things I like.  Let’s hope I don’t ruin them.

Thanks as always for stopping by.