Paintblog, May 2015

When we last looked at this…painted thing…whatever it might turn out to be…well, it looked like this.

Well, since that time, a direction has been found.  It started like this:

(By the way, I didn’t repaint the whole thing–the improved color is because I finally bought a flash for my camera, and also am getting a bit better at using PhotoShop for color correction.  The colors above and below are far more accurate.)

Um, what?  Anyway, back to the painting.  After the above happened, it changed a bit more:

And there it stands, as of mid-May, 2015.  I’m liking this, really.  The image was fine before, but now it seems to have a direction.  I was obviously thinking about di Chirico, maybe with a bit of Lovecraft added in, and while the final result isn’t anywhere close, it’s a bit closer than it was.  Before, it was a nice picture of a shrouded seascape.  Now, there’s a bit of a story.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  See you again soon!