Mister Hideous

So, a Halloween or two ago, a friend put out a tiny pumpkin and drew a face on it with a Sharpie.   Sometime after Halloween, nature took its course and the pumpkin began to look a bit worse for wear.

Naturally, that’s when I photographed it.

Sometime after this, I noticed the photo in my directory, and thought, I might be able to do something with that.  So I did.  All the backgrounds below were, um, borrowed from the web, and none of them were used with permission.  The rest of the work is mine.

My friend also had a set of small plastic vegetables that adorned a garden.  These had seen better days, but I managed to take a photograph of one of them as well, and added her to the scenario.

Naturally, there was only one further goal for Mister Hideous.

So, that’s what I was up to…er, at least the last few days.  Before that, nothing much.  But I can’t exactly post something consisting of “nothing much” can I?  Or have I been doing just that anyway?

Well, as always, thanks for stopping by.