September PhotoShop

I’ve actually owned Adobe PhotoShop since CS4, some years back, but I’ve been too intimidated to use it.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s a hugely complicated program–as I’ve told people, learning it must be like learning a foreign language.  My digital paint program of choice was Picture Publisher from Micrographix–sadly, it’s no longer being produced (hasn’t been for some years, in fact).  It’s a great program and you can find the last produced version–10–for free on the web.

But back to PhotoShop.  Thanks to the folks on the Learning PhotoShop Yahoo group, I’ve been encouraged to dive in and get familiar with some of the basics–to wit, layers and masks.  Here are three examples below.

While each of these took several hours (the first two stretched out over a couple of days), the fact that they exist at all is due to the sudden ease with which I find myself confronting PhotoShop.  Had these been done in Picture Publisher, I’d probably still be working on them after a couple of weeks.

In terms of PhotoShop knowledge and ability, I’d consider myself barely competent.  And I am starting to run up against the limits of my rudimentary know-how.  But it’s strange to finally be sailing into these waters and not feel like I should turn back.

Well, so much for that.  As always, thanks for stopping by.