Work in Progress: Pool

I don’t think it’s actually called “The Pool” but that’s how it gets talked about round these parts.

And yeah, you saw this one before, when it looked like this–

Now it looks like this.

I’m thinking it’s very, very close to being done.  Parts of the upper left bother me, though I’m not sure why.  But there are things I do like, particularly the water at the bottom.  The falling-off of visibility is really well done (sorry about being immodest).  I also like the fog-clouds, which have a nice mixture of transparency and solidity.

So, if any more work is done on it, it won’t be major, just bits of clean-up and enhancements.  Differences, if any, will be slight.

That’s about it for this month.  I’m sure you don’t want the depressing story of how my life just keeps disintegrating, so I’ll sign off now and thank you for visiting.