“Arrival of the Delegates”

When last we looked at “Delegates” and it looked back at us, it looked like this:

Well, some work has been done, as they say.  And I believe the work as a whole has been completed.  Here’s what it looks like now, and as I look, nothing suggests itself as an addition or an improvement.  Behold:

As you can see, “fireplug guy” has had his viscera covered up with a network of tubing, and “tiara person” has had the armhole filled.  There’ve been a couple of little details added here and there.

The armhole bothered me for a long time; while suitably alien as a blank gap, it still seemed to lack a purpose.  And the canvas and I struggled for a long time over what that purpose could be.

Then it seemed to come naturally–it’s a bit of the reproductive system.  Yes, the “tiara person” is in fact a she, and despite the fact that she’s apparently about to give birth, this conference was important enough that she felt she should attend anyway.

Oh–as an added, unintended bonus, it’s entirely possibly that you and I have been misinterpreting this entire scene from the beginning…that “tiara person” gives birth as a silky white network of lines, which then coalesce into the “ghost thing” seen near the bottom…who then perhaps hardens in the air into the “fireplug guy.”

Hey, it could happen, right?

And if you look closely into the “sleeve”…you’ll see that there are what look like a couple of red eyes…and that they’re looking right at the human in the picture.

Well!  Sleep on that, if you will.  And thanks again for stopping by.