Paintblog – Another Work in Progess

Well, here’s something I did because I found an old tube of Mars Yellow.  I don’t like Mars Yellow much, because (at least in this tube) it’s very thick and hard to work with, and it takes forever to dry.  So I squeezed it out on the palette, along with some Burnt Sienna and some Titanium White.  So, without further ado…

Well, I liked this.  I’ve always liked Marcel Duchamp’s works during his “Nude Descending A Staircaseperiod.  All those planes and angles that seemed ready to fall apart but held together so wonderfully.  I’d love to know how he planned and executed these, because I just can’t imagine doing a work like that.  I just don’t have the patience to do small bits like that, then stepping back and waiting.

Well, I like this precisely because it reminds me (in a very small way) of those sort of things that Duchamp did.  So that’s great.

And now what?

I looked at the work for a few days (while working on other canvases).  And the answer came to me finally.  Again, without any further ado–

Below, we have the work as it stands today.  I’m thinking of “Stealing Apples” as a title.

I think it’s pretty well done–there certainly won’t be any major additions, but perhaps a detail or two added.

I’ll definitely keep you informed.  And as always, thanks for visiting.