Paintblog – Ice Mountain.

This one started out as another “let’s get rid of this paint” work.  For some reason I had some turquoise, purple and white that I wasn’t going to use, so I did…this.

That didn’t really suggest anything, so I let it sit for a while while I worked on other stuff.  And when I looked at it again, it kind of suggested a landscape, so I used a bit more white and started pushing it that way.

I wasn’t sure that this was what I wanted.  So I let it sit a bit longer, and then when I looked at it again, I decided I wanted dark rock in the foreground, so out came the Paynes Gray.

Snowcapping via more white highlighting.

And I kept adding details.  Rather than show the other fifty-odd pictures I took, you can see a short video here.  This shows the painting at most stages of its evolution.

It’s slightly less than ninety seconds.  Contains another creepy soundtrack.

And what we ended up with–so far, at least–is this.

Looks pretty different from that thing at the top, doesn’t it?  I suppose I should’ve put more stage pictures in this entry–but then, if I decide to do that, this entry will get more and more delayed.  So I think the video shows the detail that isn’t represented here.

Will there be more work on this?  I dunno.  We’ll just have to see what 2014 has to offer.  In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Love this. Although, in some ways I am drawn to the less finished and more raw version in the 2nd to last photo.

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