PaintBlog Four – The tree

Actually, I’m not sure if it’s a tree, it could be a dandelion or something else entirely.  But it’s about the only thing I’m working on which is actually, you know, getting worked on.

I tried to add some detail to the sky-and-clouds picture, but ended up hating it a lot so I don’t know what will happen with that.

Clouds, damn it

Anyway, since I hated that, I turned to the flower-tree painting.  First thing I did was add some vague white highlights.

That was added, believe it or not, because I was working on those damned clouds and didn’t want to do more work cleaning paint off the brush.  Sad, yes?  Anyway, as you can see, it’s nothing much to look at, right?  Next up, I decided to add some small solid-black (raw umber) marks throughout.

It's not 1992

Ah…now that suddenly looks like it’s taking shape.  There is definitely a “something” coming through now.  I’m starting to like this…which I didn’t expect to do so, as the whole thing was started just as a way to avoid wasting paint.  But I like those black marks.

Here are a few close-up views.

Spots 1


Spots 3

Good stuff.  Reminds me of the later works of Joan Miro.

Anyway, that’s about it; the urge to paint has been very light for the past couple of weeks.  It seems like stuff is happening, though, just slowly.  So, onward, and thanks for popping by.