PaintBlog 2013 – Intermission

When last we saw the second canvas, it looked like this.

Previous stage

It’s still in that same state, because I’m still trying to figure out what direction it should take. It’s in a delicate state; a wrong stoke or color could stop it in its tracks.

I should note that in order to create the work above, lots of paint was applied, swirled, and scraped off. The scraped-off paint sat on the palette, just looking like a lot of wasted paint, so I thought I’d make use of it. Which meant yet another canvas.

So, large amounts of reddish stuff, and left-over blue from the sky picture, were swirled around another fresh canvas. No pic of the blank canvas, but here’s stage one.


That’s actually kind of interesting, but what you can’t see very clearly is that the paint is in very thick, giant wads. So we smoothed it out a bit.


This was then smoothed down even further with a sponge house-paint brush.


After letting that stand for a while, it started to assume a form.  It kind of looked like a tree, so we went in and tried to detail it in that direction, mostly using white to highlight the light on the far right of the figure.  There are a few dark spots applied as well, mostly to the lower left of the figure.


And a bit more detailing, using some darker colors, bringing in some of the shadows and trying to give the over shape a structure.


Then some more highlights, using more dark red.


And that’s where that one stands as of tonight.

Well, how about that.  Three canvases and none of them close to being done.  Oh well, it beats…um, I’m sure it beats something.   Non-painting I guess.