The Painting Page

Hello! I’m actually not dead, believe it or not. Well, I guess that’s self evident since I’m typing and I think brains taste terrible.

Anyway, using DreamWeaver, I finally updated my “Oil on Canvas” page. It’s got (with a couple of old exceptions) everything I’ve done in oils over the past couple of decades.

Right here. Some of the images are rather large so their thumbnails might take a moment to load. But that’s everything…everything in a finished state, that is. There are still a couple of others that aren’t done, and won’t be added until they are.

Oh, and there’s this.

Last days of summer

That’s done, and actually owned by a “private collector.” It hasn’t been officially announced, though, so I’m not adding it to the page until it is. Consider yourselves privileged!

Due to rapidly growing dissatisfaction with Facebook, I hope to start updating this blog more regularly in the coming year. I look forward to resuming your acquaintance!