A work in progress

I’ve been re-reading a lot of H.P. Lovecraft lately, and one of his descriptions of the “Plains of Leng” (which are, of course, forbidden) struck me. So I thought I’d try my hand at an image. Before you ask, no, this wasn’t done in a couple of hours. I don’t remember when I started it, in fact, but it’s getting close to completion so I thought I’d share what’s what.

Leng unfinished

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3 thoughts on “A work in progress

  1. Is it really lame if I say “I don’t remember”? I’m pretty sure it was NOT “From the Mountains of Madness,” because I hadn’t re-read that one yet.

    I suspect it was some off-hand comment like “the far-flung plains of forbidden Leng, stretching endlessly beneath the uh, cyclopean sun.” It may have even been in “The Dream Quest of Unknown Kaddath” one of HPL’s less successful stories.

  2. Well, as my Lovecraft reading might almost be as extensive as yours and I’m not placing it, I don’t think it’s that lame. Had I been a-bettin’, I’d have said “Dream Quest”, mainly because I stumbled broken through it once and remember little of it.

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