Some of them are old, hope a few could smile

Well, 2009 has been quite a year so far.  I’m betting it will get worse, but since this is not an autobiographical blog, that’s all I’ll say. 

So, how about some pictures?  Some recent paintings, in various states of conclusion.  To wit, and with admittedly somewhat cursory descriptions appended thereupon:

The Crowd.  This one popped out pretty quickly, and seemed to be finished right on the spot.

This one has no title, but for some reason I think it’s a picture of a Langolier.    This one also seems very finished. 

Untitled.  I did this one while watching George Romero’s “Diary of the Dead” (which was pretty mediocre).   I keep thinking it’s not finished, but it keeps telling me that it is.  I’m listening to the painting so far.

This one started out as a background for something else, but I lost interest in the Something Else and decided to just treat it as a landscape.  I feel something is missing, but it won’t tell me what it is.  The levels of the island, by the way, are designed so that they might “unfold” themselves into…something else.  (Not the same Something Else.)

This one is definitely unfinished, needs some more detail, and the figure needs to be more hidden, so you don’t see him right away.    The idea behind this was, out there in the middle of the ocean, what might be washed up on shore after a big storm.   On many of the islands scattered here and there, I bet there are things that no one sees, that no one has ever seen.