Watching Things

As we wind down, I thought I would list the anime series that I consider highly recommendable.  As a super special bonus, I actually have ten titles in this top ten.  (Well, technically nine and a half…)

The shows listed below are not separated into any categories other than I thought they were excellent examples of story-telling.  Some may be more adult than others, some may have more action, more blood, more comedy.  If I were you, I would never use my recommendations as a viewing guide but just in case, you know, here they are.

In the list below, I have two things of note.  1-do I own the soundtrack CD, assuming one is available?  2-do robots make an appearance?

So, in alphabetical order, and with the proviso that I haven’t seen everything there is (or that I own) and this list may therefor mutate beyond recognition:

Divergence Eve.  Well, I’m leading with the series with the biggest caveat.  (Yes, that’s almost a pun.)  While the show is excellent, it has a terrible case of fan service, to the point where I would always warn someone before watching.  Soundtrack: No (not available, otherwise yes).  Robots: Kinda.

Eden’s Bowy.  It’s an adventure-comedy-fantasy-science fiction show which works on almost every level.  Soundtrack: Yes.  Robots: Kinda.

Gilgamesh.  This is the half-recommendation.  I thought this was one of the best things I’d ever seen, until it self-destructed spectacularly in the last half of the last episode.  Soundtrack: Yes.  Robots: Kinda.

Haibane Renmei.  A beautiful story that feels a little too close to allegory, but manages to overcome that.  I doubt I could watch it twice, though.  Soundtrack: Yes.  Robots: No.

Noir.  The best anime series I’ve ever seen also happens to be the first.  So, yeah, it was all downhill after this.  Stark and harrowing but life-affirming.  Soundtrack:  Yes.  Robots:  No.

Onishi Magical Theatre: Risky Safety.  Cute and adorable like Sugar (see below) with some nice storytelling touches that bring it deeper.  Soundtrack:  Yes.  Robots:  Kinda.

Pretear.  My favorite show.  I’ve written extensively about it elsewhere so I won’t repeat myself here.  Soundtrack: Yes.  Robots:  No.

Princess Tutu.  A marvelous meditation on fairy tales, using the form to tell the story.  With the least likely heroine ever.  Soundtrack: No.  Robots:  No.

Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy.  A cute and adorable story about growing up.  Recommended for all ages.  Soundtrack:  Yes.  Robots:  Kinda.

X.  This had potential to pull a Gilgamesh and I was worried throughout about that possibility.  However, it neatly avoided that trap and had a marvelous ending.  Sountrack:  Yes.  Robots:  No.