Watching Things

As we wind down, I thought I would list the anime series that I consider highly recommendable.  As a super special bonus, I actually have ten titles in this top ten.  (Well, technically nine and a half…)

The shows listed below are not separated into any categories other than I thought they were excellent examples of story-telling.  Some may be more adult than others, some may have more action, more blood, more comedy.  If I were you, I would never use my recommendations as a viewing guide but just in case, you know, here they are.

In the list below, I have two things of note.  1-do I own the soundtrack CD, assuming one is available?  2-do robots make an appearance?

So, in alphabetical order, and with the proviso that I haven’t seen everything there is (or that I own) and this list may therefor mutate beyond recognition:

Divergence Eve.  Well, I’m leading with the series with the biggest caveat.  (Yes, that’s almost a pun.)  While the show is excellent, it has a terrible case of fan service, to the point where I would always warn someone before watching.  Soundtrack: No (not available, otherwise yes).  Robots: Kinda.

Eden’s Bowy.  It’s an adventure-comedy-fantasy-science fiction show which works on almost every level.  Soundtrack: Yes.  Robots: Kinda.

Gilgamesh.  This is the half-recommendation.  I thought this was one of the best things I’d ever seen, until it self-destructed spectacularly in the last half of the last episode.  Soundtrack: Yes.  Robots: Kinda.

Haibane Renmei.  A beautiful story that feels a little too close to allegory, but manages to overcome that.  I doubt I could watch it twice, though.  Soundtrack: Yes.  Robots: No.

Noir.  The best anime series I’ve ever seen also happens to be the first.  So, yeah, it was all downhill after this.  Stark and harrowing but life-affirming.  Soundtrack:  Yes.  Robots:  No.

Onishi Magical Theatre: Risky Safety.  Cute and adorable like Sugar (see below) with some nice storytelling touches that bring it deeper.  Soundtrack:  Yes.  Robots:  Kinda.

Pretear.  My favorite show.  I’ve written extensively about it elsewhere so I won’t repeat myself here.  Soundtrack: Yes.  Robots:  No.

Princess Tutu.  A marvelous meditation on fairy tales, using the form to tell the story.  With the least likely heroine ever.  Soundtrack: No.  Robots:  No.

Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy.  A cute and adorable story about growing up.  Recommended for all ages.  Soundtrack:  Yes.  Robots:  Kinda.

X.  This had potential to pull a Gilgamesh and I was worried throughout about that possibility.  However, it neatly avoided that trap and had a marvelous ending.  Sountrack:  Yes.  Robots:  No.

The Wizard Dredmor!

Yes, I do tend to tease Cullen about his webcomic, “On The One Nord to Noin.”  Only because I do see some nice potential in the material, if he could manage to, well, create some new episodes.  You know, for variety.

I do like Dredmor, though.  I think he’s got a lot of potential, though.  And to be honest, he’s more interesting than the other guy.  (I’ve already forgotten the other guy’s name.  Kelvar?)

As a side note, this may be my last entry under the WordPress aegis.  It lost almost all of the information in my Fanelian entry below, which has made me too angry to think clearly.  I am getting very sick and tired of the limitations and retardations offered by the service.  Other outlets are so much easier in every way.  So, no news yet, but there may be some changes in the future.  Stay tuned.  And I’ll be sure to drag you all over to whatever new place I find (if only in the form of links).