PaintBlog 2008-B: Part Two

Hey look it’s another update.  How about that!

You might recall the state of this painting from the last episode. But if you don’t, that’s okay!

I decided to deal with the sky.  The blank expanse across the top wasn’t doing it for me.  So how about some cadmium yellow, burnt sienna, mars yellow, titanium white and the dark green we worked with before?

Well, why not.  It’s a start, anyway.  Let’s detail it up.

Let’s add more mars yellow as a horizon line.  Yes, I used masking tape to get the line straight.

Here’s a shot from a different angle.

Okay, this bit below is hard to see, but I’ve started to shade some of the “drippy” areas on the rock formation.  Just to give a sense of depth to the space behind them.

A couple of close-ups…show a little bit of what I meant.  The shading is actually a combination of burnt sienna and some kinda dark blue.  When mixed together, for some reason they form a kind of dark reddish brown.  How that works I have no idea.

Some more full-frame shots, showing the detailing going on in the lower right of the work.  I’m not sure what this is supposed to be but it kind of works.

First we sketch in the light areas.

Detail those into some kind of coherence.

Then we add the shading to give it depth.

Below, we have the work as it stands tonight. I took the photograph at a slightly slower speed, to bring out the details; the actual appearance is closer to the image just above this paragraph, though neither of them is as detailed or clear as I’d like.

It’s interesting how a photograph of something like this can help focus my mind. Because the details aren’t so overwhelming, I can see direction and flow in the work, which gives me ideas for continuation.

I like where this one is going. The whole rock formation structure is hinting at some kind of large sleeping lifeform. That’s a direction I’d like to play up if possible.

Thanks for visiting. More updates as they occur, which might be a little more rapid than my usual pace. I’ve spent the last two nights painting, which is a good sign (for me).

Sorry the images are so dark.  I took the shots late at night and chose which ones to include by looking at them on my home PC.  My home PC’s monitor is clearly wearing out–even with brightness at the max and contrast turned up as well, everything is far too dark to judge properly.  Maybe it’s time to invest in a new one.

UPDATE:  I did a bit more detail work, shoring up some of the tiny things that I think needed shoring up, and I’m pleased with how it’s going.  This really looks like a place that, if you docked your boat there and started walking around, the ground might get mad and just start shifting and unfolding into something…interesting.