Sluggish Response

Well, look at that calendar on the wall: almost the end of May, you say?  And I’ve been shutting up this whole time?  Wow, that’s not like me at all!

Well, it’s not my fault.  Well, not entirely, anyway.  See, I don’t use this blog for autobiography because that’s pretty boring, and besides, I want you to buy the memoirs in hardback, so it’d be pretty stupid to give it all away for free, wouldn’t I!  You don’t think I’m that stupid, do you?

–I heard that!

Anyway, how about some other free stuff? 

Here’s a book someone should write, so I can do the illustrations.

And just for a change of pace, allow me to present:


See you some time in June from the looks of it, and thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Sluggish Response

  1. I liked the “nice story”. It’s the movement of the alien’s eye that does it for me. By the way, I’m in Albuquerque, now (visiting family). Exodus to the Philipppines is scheduled for Wednesday 🙂

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