And Seven Times Later…

Yes, I watched Pretear again recently, for the seventh time. And like the sixth time before that, I worried before my fingers touched the DVD case: would this be the one? Will this be the time when all the flaws and what-not come to the fore, and I get impatient or bored with the show, and put it in a box forever?

Answer: no. I still love the show, and in fact, once it started any trepidation just evaporated and I couldn’t wait to go from episode to episode. I watched the whole series over three days of exercise (six miles a day, too). I can’t believe that I’m still just as enthused about Pretear as the first time I watched it. But damn it, I am.

That’s not to say there aren’t flaws, of course, but the flaws don’t interfere with anything important. Yeah, the art is sketchy here and there, and the exposition-cramming is noticable in episode one. But the sheer joy of the show erases all that. (At least for me, I hasten to point out; I’m sure the mileage for others will vary considerably.)

If someone ever comes up to me and says, “I’m taking away all your anime DVDs, you get to keep one series,” Pretear would be the one I’d choose with absolutely no hesitation. Much as I love Noir and Divergence Eve and the others on my not-quite-ten best anime list, there’s just nothing that compares with this one for satisfaction.

Okay, sorry for raving.  Dunno if you could tell or not, but I just love this damned show.  Another paint blog update “shortly” (if “shortly” is considered in context of the age of the universe).

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  1. All your anime needs Manga… totally read “Tramps like Us”. They made a show in Japan modeled after it… I lust after this show but haven’t found it yet… anyway… Tramps like Us… yeah.
    Luf joo miss joo.

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