An Apology to Blu-Ray

For some time now I’ve been dreading the fact that Blue-Ray, or BluRay, or Blu-Ray, is the high definition format that seems to be heading into the winner’s circle.  The reason I’ve not been too happy about that is, in all honesty, I thought the competing HD-DVD format looked much, much better.  A Blu-Ray DVD, to my admittedly aging eyes, didn’t look any better than a standard DVD.

Well, that’s changed.  It turns out it wasn’t Blu-Ray.  It was the player–in this case, a Sony PS3 or, as I like to call it, The Retard Machine.  As it happens, you don’t have to tell the PS3 what kind of television you have.

You have to tell it what kind of television you don’t have.  I have a 720p set; the PS3 assumed I have a 1080 model, and consequently tried to send a 1080 signal to my non-1080 television.  My non-1080 television reacted by saying, I suppose, “I don’t know what this is, so here’s what I can do with it.”  And I got standard DVD, I guess.

Squirreled away in one of the PS3 submenus is a list of all the television signals that the PS3 is going to send out.  By default, they’re all turned on.  You have to uncheck the ones you don’t actually have, then somehow figure out how to save that setting while resisting the urge to throw heavy objects–like, say, a PS3–out the nearest window. 

(I feel compelled to point out that the XBox 360 asked me nicely what my equipment was when I first set it up.  Nyah.) 

Once I got all that straightened out, Blu-Ray looks terrific, easily as good as HD-DVD.  So if (or when) Blu-Ray wins, I won’t be disappointed.

Sorry about that, Blu-Ray.


2 thoughts on “An Apology to Blu-Ray

  1. I got a feeling I’m destined to be a PS3 user. Mainly because I have a ton of PS and PS2 games and the PS 2 I have ain’t getting any younger.

    Backwards compatability, how I love you.

    (I love the Wii cause it potentially goes all the way back to the Nintendo. Of course, I have to buy all those games over again, but still…)

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