PaintBlog 2008-A: Chapter Three

Well, last week we saw the insidious Riddler laying a deadly trap for Batman and Robin, and the Dynamic Duo were caught unawares!  Only seconds away from being crushed by the giant squid, Batman hatches a desperate plan….

Oh, sorry.  Actually, this is just another Paint Blog update.  Sorry if you were all up for reading about Batman.  Batman’s not here, man.

Lat time around, we ended up with an image that was in the last update.  The last update is almost directly below this one, so you can go down there to see if you like.  Are you back now?  Oh good.

So, now, we made the “hand” on the far right more elaborate, and we added legs to the thing in the upper left.

More elaboration, and another leg.

Legs on the other side of the upper left guy, and a leg on the other side of the center-top-right guy.   Also, some red marks at the bottom right.  Why?  I don’t know the reason for that.

We then gave the legs on the center-top-right guy some lighter highlights, because his legs were clashing with the legs on the upper-left guy.

The red blobby thing got another tentacle.

He also got another tentacle after that, and some areas of variety in terms of light and dark.

And after that, he really started to expand.

Including some (perhaps overly subtle) expansion on the right (the slightly darker area).

That got expanded, and highlights were added.

Suddenly, the crustacean’s elaborate right hand got even more elaborate.  And his far left hand got a bit of fringe.  The middle hand, too, got some spines and things.

Far right hand got even more, um, elaborater.   And some of the red material started climbing up the right side.

Leaving us, finally, with what lies beneath.

Well, so far so good, I think when I look at this, though I’m not exactly sure what it will end up becoming in the end.  Of course, I never am.

Most of the above, by the way, was done while an anime series called RahXephon was playing in the background.  I don’t think the two are related, but one never knows the subtle pressures that the senses place upon the working brain.

Thanks for stopping by.  Tune in next time for the next thrilling chapter.  Or not-so-thrilling.  You never can tell, can you?


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