Paint Blog 2008-A: Chapter Two

Since our last thrilling chapter, Diego found the hidden treasure map, but was betrayed by Warren, who (as it turns out) was working for Mister Redfield the entire time.  Meanwhile, Patricia discovered a hidden room in the attic, with a lock that the key from the kitchen just happened to fit! As she turns the lock, slow, shuffling noises come from inside…

Actually, none of that happened, sorry.  I hope you weren’t expecting to find out what happens to Diego now, let along Roger (who got left out of the update).  No, we just did some more work on a painting.  A step forward, a step back, then some more steps forward.

Just to try and do something with it, I took some red and white, and a bit of burnt sienna, and played over the canvas with more or less random marks.

We ended up with this.

I didn’t like it, so I grabbed more paint and covered it over, so we were (again more or less) back at square one.

Then, while semi-watching 42nd Street, I decided to try some more with white, burnt sienna, and raw umber.  I could still see some of the marks beneath the latest layer of paint, so I decided to play with them.  While doing so, I happened to turn the canvas to a horizontal position, and…I thought I liked it more that way.

The next series of images shows how the work that evening happened to end up on the canvas.  

I’m thinking this is more successful than the last version–at least, I can look at it and not think, That’s all wrong. 

So that’s where we stand, as of today.  I’ll probably do more on it this week (I have more Buzby Berkeley musicals to watch after all).  Probably not tonight, though.  Tonight I’m going to see Cloverfield.

Thanks for visiting, again, and see you soon.  Maybe next time we’ll find out what happens to Diego, eh?


4 thoughts on “Paint Blog 2008-A: Chapter Two

  1. Diego’s situation has me on the edge of my computer chair. Well, not really. However, let us know how “Cloverfield” was. Especially since it just set the record for a North American January box office.
    Oh, the painting…
    I like the current direction it’s headed. I’m following with rapt attention until you decide “it’s all wrong” and confuse the hell out of me. Thanks for sharing the process.

  2. Love the painting, and the story. Thank you for all the images and words. I’m walking from the blog and just wanted to say bye. take care of yourself, and may the art continue to build in you. Peace.


  3. Do you know, my favourite picture was the first one. I loved it – it was so sinister. I’ve always liked the way you show your processes, and how things evolved into others. I’m thinking of trying something like this wih fiction.

    🙂 Look after yourself mate – keep painting!

  4. Trust me, the first picture looks much better in photographic representation than it ever did in real life (whatever that’s supposed to be).

    Thanks for the compliment, though!

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