Secret, SANTA Man!

Well, with any luck I have a certain theme song rolling through your head now.

It has been a while, hasn’t it?  I’m not going to give up on blogging, but this season typically has two issues:  massive depression, and massive busyness both at work and at home.  I barely have any time to goof off, which isn’t fair at all!

As for the title, I decided to participate in a “Secret Santa” thing on one of the forums that I frequent.  Yeah, I know, I’m unpleasant and anti-social; what was I thinking?   I know some of these folks, but on a very limited basis–then add the traditional gift-giver’s dilemma:  What does he want?  What does he like?  What does he already have?  Answers to these questions would be pretty difficult to come by without annihilating the whole “secret” aspect.

So I decided to do something that reflected more on myself, and my own spirit of generosity (I do have one, as a matter of fact).  And thus, my secret Santa recipient got a brand spankin’ new small oil painting.  Thus:

Yeah, it’s not very Christmassy, as Mr. Hanky would no doubt exclaim.  But you know, it’s all in the spirit of the season.  Besides, someday this canvas may be worth THOUSANDS of pennies.

Happy Holidays to you all, and thank you for visiting.