NaNo on Tuesday the 20th.

Current Word Count:  41,000 and change.

That would be the word count I should have, as of mid-day on the 24th.  Since it’s only mid-day on the 20th, I think I will slack off a bit and try to think about what I’m actually putting on the page.  After all, I’ve got ten days to come up with a bit over 8,000 words.  That seems doable. 

So far, what I’ve written approaches automatic writing.  While the story is developing nicely, I still have absolutely no idea how it’s going to end.  The tiniest clue eludes me.

A couple of off-hand remarks show promise, but they just point to making the story form a certain kind of sense.  Now, I’m certainly not knocking that.  But I’m going to have to put some serious thought into the sentence I’m going to put right before “The End.” 

Unless it’s “Suddenly, everyone was hit by a speeding cement mixer.”

Best of luck to my fellow scribes, and thanks for coming round again.