NaNo Near the End of the Week

Current word count: 33,600 and change.

Well, I started the week about 1000 words below where I needed to be, and as I write this (close to 6PM on the 17th) I’m over three days ahead.  (33,340 would be the normal word count on the 20th day.)  Not bad for a week’s work–but going from “I dunno about this” to “Hey, this might actually work” seems like an even better gage of progress.

It’s been very, very interesting watching the creative process shift into gear.  You might recall one of my “problems” with this story is that I have no idea where it’s aiming.  Well, last night, my hero made an offhand speculation…which suddenly made perfect sense, and pointed a possible avenue to pursue.

Interestingly, the offhand bit was just that–a few words thrown in to add to the word-count.  And it’s amazing how that sort of thing can work at times. 

My first NaNo experience was a lot like that, although there I had a pretty rough idea of how the story should go from the beginning.  (Naturally, that changed completely by the time I got to the end, but it still counts, so there.) 

This is getting interesting.  (Which is not the same as getting good, of course.)

Thanks for stopping by, and good word-counts to all participants.