NaNo as of the 14th, and a bit of the 15th

Current word count:  28,800, on the nose.

That puts me a couple hundred words ahead–if this were the 17th, which it isn’t.  Since it’s actually the morning of the 15th, I feel fairly pleased by that number. 

It’s weird.  I wasn’t going to do NaNo this year, and started on the 3rd when I’d suddenly run out of other projects and, shall we say, felt the itch.  Now it’s going like gangbusters, and I still have more plot to go.  If I can keep up the pace, 50,000 words before November’s end. shouldn’t be a problem. 

“Keeping up the pace” could always surface as an issue, of course.  I’ve had a couple of major events in the story, but I’m still only partly on the way, and what might happen next is entirely in the air.  (This is, I must confess, because I still have no idea what the ultimate plan behind these events is–my “villains” have yet to appear directly.  This is actually good, believe it or not, because it fits the story so well.)

(I have come to many conclusions regarding NaNo, my participation in it, and my own creativity in general.  They are…interesting.  I’ll be sure to share once the month is over–win, lose or draw.)

Best of luck to all this year’s participants, and thank you for visiting.


2 thoughts on “NaNo as of the 14th, and a bit of the 15th

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  2. Great job, Beckoning. This year handed me a late start too. But the writing has been going well and I actually like what I’m writing. Amazing.

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