NaNo on the 11th

Current word count:  17,500 and change

That puts me a little less than 1000 words below where I should be on the 11th; with a bit of luck I can catch that up tomorrow (actually today, the 12th), maybe even gain a bit, and word-count will be one fewer worry I’ll have with this project.

Which will, of course, bring up the next worry:  making this mess into a story of some kind.  Word-count worry has kept me from the true problem–a full realization of just what it is I’m hammering out.  Which appears to be world’s most generic story.  It’s amazing how adaptable this little cuss is; since basically nothing is happening, it doesn’t matter what does.  Here goes another thousand words–heave!  Doesn’t that sound like something you can’t wait to wrap your eyes around?  Sure does! 

Ah well, I’m sure the word processors of the world will breathe a weary sigh of relief when December 1st rolls around.  So much stuff pounded out over the course of thirty days…

At least my fingers are getting a nice work-out.  You never know when that touch-typing skill will become meaningful again…

But hey, it’s fun, right?  Best of luck to my fellow writers and thanks for visiting.


One thought on “NaNo on the 11th

  1. This is my catch up week. at least I’ve been given the time do it with no distractions. My problem is that there is actually a story somewhere in all the dreck I’m spewing forth.

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