Nano, 11/8 and a bit of 9

Current word count: 10,100 and change.

Fell back a bit in my wordage, though I still managed to surmount NaNo’s 1667 per day.  So I’m slowly chipping away at NaNo’s lead.  By the end of the day I’m supposed to be around 15,000.  Well, maybe…if one of my characters developes a severe stutter, and another becomes hard of hearing and has to have everything repeated.  Yeah, that’ll work great.  Still, it is (as I write) just a shade under 3PM so there are still a number of hours to go.

The big news, I guess, is that I had a fourth thing happen!  Wow, talk about action-packed! 

I still haven’t read over a significant amount of what I’ve hurled up.  Every now and then, I’ll have to reference something previously noted, to make sure I don’t contradict myself, so I gotta scroll back up and look for it, which…well, I don’t let my eyes linger.  Find what I need and dash back down to the bottom of the page.

I almost came up with title–“Shapes.”  I like it because it’s both a noun and a verb, and, well, I like things like that.  When I think about it, though, I think it promises more than the story delivers, at least so far.  How does it promise with such a non-specific title?  Trust me, it does.  So that one goes back in the hat.

Well, I got 4000 more words to cough up, so see you guys later.  Thanks for visiting! 


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  1. You’re keeping a great pace. My goal is to finish early, this year. That way I can get to work on the revision. Provided, of course, i don’t toss the whole thing in the trash.

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