NaNoWriMo as of November 6th

Word Count: 5,100 or thereabouts (as of 2AM).

Yeah, I decided to participate this year.  Honestly, I didn’t want to, and at the same time I did.  Turns out, though, that it was another project which made me feel I had no NaNo in me this time round.  Remember the Thrown-Up Ghost of Sighing pictures in a post or two back?  Well, I finally finished that webcomic on Saturday and found myself with some creative energy.  So NaNo it is.

This year is strange because I have no idea how the idea I’m using is going to play out.  The last two years, I know vaguely how I wanted things to begin and to end, and I had some scenes I knew I wanted to include.  A lot of that changed between the brain and the page, but the plans were there from the start. 

This year, I’m basically building a bridge across an abyss, and I can’t see the other side.  I’m either going to run out of bridge, or find that the other side is much further than I thought.  In fact, there may be no other side.  I have no plan, no idea about an ending, not a single clue about what might happen in the next paragraph.

Sounds like a great way to write garbage, doesn’t it?  Of course, it might turn out great.  I guess we’ll see.  As of today, I’m about half where I should be, in terms of word-count (given the 1,667 per day requirement).  I took the last two days off because I was just feeling blah about the whole thing.  I may catch up by the weekend.

Or I might decide it was a bad idea after all, and go back to drawing or painting or building death rays.  Whatever used to occupy my time.

Thanks, as always, for popping by.


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo as of November 6th

  1. You know – post some of this supposed ‘crap’ and maybe someone else will tell you how bad it really is. It can’t be as bad as mine. I’m going to start again. TO be honest, I’m going to be lucky if I come up with 50,000 unrelated fictionalised words this month, never mind a novel. I mean, I’m rehearsing for a play, I’m out on the lash/going to gigs on at least 6 nights over the rest of the month, and I have a more demanding job than last year. HELP ME!!!!! (sorry about this pathetic rant, dude!)

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