The Limits of NaNotechnology

National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow.  For the last two years I’ve participated, and for the last two years it has been the only season during which I can actually write.  The rest of the year, forget it.  In fact, it’s probably instructive that I have yet to crack open either of my previous projects for any revision.

This year, though, I’m just not feeling it.  November is still a handful of hours away, but I am as dry as toast.  Nothing is set in stone, but I have a feeling I may sit this year out.  If that’s the case, best of luck to my writing buddies and we’ll see you again next year.

Of course, this could all change.  I may be right there next to you at the starting line. 

Tonight’s a swimming night.  We’ll see if that helps.  At any rate, thanks for visiting, and good luck.


3 thoughts on “The Limits of NaNotechnology

  1. I know what you mean, though. It’s been tough getting started this year. I’ve has to get some things out of the way and will be starting on Monday. See you there…

  2. You just might be one of those folks who work best with a deadline. I’ve known a few who can’t seem to do stuff unless they’re under pressure. Good luck finding the insperation you need.

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