Work in Progress: “At Rest”

There’s still some detailing work to do, particularly on the keys, and some shadows that have to be applied.  But I have to admit I like this one.  Who says I can’t paint nice things?

Click for a larger image, and as always thanks for stopping by.


11 thoughts on “Work in Progress: “At Rest”

  1. That’s been pointed out to me already…the thing is, that sort of reference makes the work into an “illustration” at best, or a “visual pun” at worst. I’m not much of a fan of either.

    I suppose this particular painting will be forever thought in those terms, but I’d really rather it be viewed in context of its own merit, that it could be a nice painting (hey, you could put this in baby’s room) even if Burgess’ book had never been written.

  2. My first reaction on seeing this was “Oh, wow!”, and then my second reaction was “Oh, wow!”

    “Nice”? Never mind “nice”, it’s genius. I love it.

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