Apples and Oranges

This type of painting is pretty rare for me, since it’s based on a photograph.  Most of what I paint is made up out of my own imagination, and I don’t tend to use photos for reference (I know, you’re going to mention Telephone Girl.  But her photograph was only used as a basis for diving out further).

So…apples.  How about them apples?  Trying to duplicate the variancies of photographic detail can be frustrating.  I mean, every time I would try to add highlights to these silly fruits, I would end up altering the color scheme and I’d have to start over.  And it’s still not right.  Look at the apple in the top center–it looks radioactive.  (Click it for a larger view.)

I much prefer working with my own ideas than trying to duplicate reality; in the former case, I can break or adapt the rules as the need sees fit.  With photorealism, I’m enslaved by the need to preserve detail. 

Of course, it’s still my painting, and I’m not done with the apples, yet, as they’ll find out soon enough….

Heh heh heh.

6 thoughts on “Apples and Oranges

  1. In the words of the late great W.C. Fields: I have wrestled with reality for 34 years and am happy to report that I finally won out over it.

    The apples look good to me. Of course I have the painting ability of a duck with a cold, but it’s still my opinion.

  2. I think that’s bloody brilliant! as I think I;ve said before I have no artistic talant whatsoever. I’m not even that good at writing. Good work kid! 🙂

    Yes, I just called you ‘kid’. Very sorry about that.

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