“Embryonic Space Jockey”

I don’t know why I paint the things I do.  For the most part, an idea (never anything as articulate as words in a series) strikes the sub- or unconscious, and I move my brush across the canvas, following where it leads. The results don’t typically bother me.  The work is what it is. 

This one does bother me, for some reason.  Not so much for subject matter as puzzlement over where something like this comes from.  Despite the interaction of idea and environment, there’s a large portion of me in whatever works I produce, and I don’t recognize the part that thinks in terms of images like this. Honestly, when I stepped back from this one to look it over, I thought, in all seriousness, I wonder if I need analysis.

The work isn’t quite finished, but it’s getting pretty close so I thought I’d share.  Click it for a larger view.

“Space Jockey,” by the way, was the term for the giant skeletal thing found in the derelict in the first Alien film.  When this one started out, the figure reminded me of that creature, so the name kind of stuck.  At least it’s general enough that I can’t get sued.  Anyway, thanks for dropping by again.




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